PEEK Tubing for Medical Devices


PEEK tubing is an excellent material for a number of medical applications. It is highly chemical resistant and biocompatible, and its rigidity makes it ideal for long-term implants. Its high abrasion resistance and low moisture absorption also make it a good choice for use in composite structures. Furthermore, USP Class VI compliance makes it safe for use in medical devices.
However, PEEK tubing is not suitable for all applications. In some cases, it is not suitable for high pressures, which will erode its material properties. It is important to check the maximum operating pressures of PEEK tubing before you start using it. If you are planning to use it in higher pressure applications, then you should consider purchasing the larger-diameter tubing with higher burst strengths. Visit this page to discover more about PEEK tubing. 
Another application for PEEK tubing is in fiber optics. Fiber optics are made of extremely fragile components, and PEEK furcation tubing is a useful solution for protecting the delicate devices. The PEEK coating reduces strain and friction, which keeps the fiber optics from being damaged. It is also strong and thermally stable, which ensures low attenuation over a large temperature range.
Moreover, you can use Zeus tubing for engineered channels on both the outside and inside diameter. This is useful when designing a complex structure. With a large enough outside diameter, the tube will be easy to handle. You can even design it with channels on the inside diameter, if you need more room. Check out this site for more details. 
Another important benefit of PEEK tubing is its chemical resistance. It can sustain high pressures without degrading or leaching metal ions. Moreover, it is biodegradable, which means that it will not cause any problems when working with sensitive samples. Further, PEEK tubing is easily cut and sized to the desired length.
Besides that, PEEK tubing can be easily connected with SS tubing using finger-tightened PEEK fittings. The main advantage of these fittings is that they provide secure connections without the use of t
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