PEEK Tubing


PEEK tubing is commonly used in a variety of applications, including HPLC. It is biocompatible and has a high flexural modulus of 595,000 psi. This allows for excellent pushability and buckling resistance. PEEK tubing can be processed using a wide variety of technologies, including laser and plasma machining.
PEEK tubing is easy to work with and connects with standard SS tubing with finger-tightened PEEK fittings. This tool-free assembly method is convenient but less secure than using SS fittings on SS tubing. Incorrect assembly can lead to leaks and internal voids. If you're unsure of how to assemble PEEK tubing, check the instructions for the fittings you're using to ensure they fit correctly. Click this link to get more details about PEEK tubing. 
Extruded PEEK tubing is often used for medical applications. Its high rigidity and biocompatibility make it a good material for long-term implants. It is also highly abrasion-resistant and exhibits excellent torsional stability. In addition to its biocompatibility, PEEK is easily installed and removed. It is easy to cut PEEK tubing. Metal tubing can be difficult to position in tight lab spaces. Besides that, PEEK tubing is also more flexible and lab-friendly.
PEEK tubing can be used in many applications for both high and low pressure. PEEK tubing has a high temperature resistance and is biocompatible with many chemicals. It can even be used in high-pressure applications and with aggressive solvents. The material can also be fabricated with a thin-wall inner diameter, so it can be connected to microfluidic lines for greater fluidic resistance.
PEEK has excellent strength-to-weight ratio and can replace more expensive metal parts. Its resistance to heat, pressure, chemical, and physical stress makes it a popular material for a variety of applications. It is used in aerospace, automotive, and general industrial settings. These properties make PEEK a valuable material in many applications, including the electrical industry. To learn more about PEEK tubing, go right here.
PEEK tubing is compatible with most common HPLC equipment. It can handle pressure up to 6000 psi (400 bar), and can be used in a variety of applications. In addition, PEEK tubing is compatible with polymer fittings, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.
For many industries, PEEK tubing is a versatile, biocompatible, and chemical-resistant alternative to stainless steel tubing. It is flexible and easy to cut to desired lengths, and its nonreactive composition does not react with sensitive components. Furthermore, PEEK tubing maintains its integrity at temperatures up to 204oC. Check out this post for more details related to this article:
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